Recycle with Michael 'Bring to School Day'

The PTFA have decided to work with The Salvation Army again to help you all recycle any unwanted clothes, bags, shoes, scarfs, etc, by being part of their Recycle with Michael Scheme.


This is a fun and informative way for the children to learn about recycling of textiles whilst we raise funds for the school based on the weight of the donated clothes.

All we ask from you is your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, scarfs, etc.

We will be sending recycle bags home with the children for you to fill over half term. The bags can then be brought back into the school on the afternoon of Tuesday 2nd of November (before gates close at 6pm) or on the morning of Wednesday 3rd of November (by 9am).



The layby in front of the hall will be coned off where the bags should be placed.

If you are able to fill more than the bag provided, that is great and you are more than welcome to fill bin bags as well and bring them in.

Once the collection has taken place we will then be able to let you know how much was made from the volume collected.